Bay Area Ranks High Among 2017's Hardest-Working Cities in US: Report

One Bay Area city cracked the top 10 list of 2017's hardest-working places in the United States: San Francisco.

In a recent study, WalletHub's analysts compared a number of metrics, including average weekly work hours, labor-force participation rate, average commute time and average leisure time per day, from across the nation's 116 largest cities. 

With a total score of 90.76, Anchorage, Alaska reigned supreme. It was followed by Plano, Texas with 81.49 points, Cheyenne, Wyo. with 81.17, Virgina Beach, Va. with 79.91 and Irving, Texas with 79.71.

San Francisco came in seventh place with a score of 77.82.

The rest of the Bay Area also fared well.

Fremont — ranked 52nd — is the next Bay Area city that hard workers call home, WalletHub found. San Jose is 61st and Oakland is 85th. 

Here are 2017's top 10 hardest-working cities:

  1. Anchorage, Alaska
  2. Plano, Texas
  3. Cheyenne, Wyoming
  4. Virginia Beach, Virgina
  5. Irving, Texas
  6. Scottsdale, Arizona
  7. San Francisco, California
  8. Corpus Christi, Texas
  9. Washington, D.C.
  10. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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