San Francisco Police to Issue More Citations Over Vehicle-Pedestrian Accidents

San Francisco police are promising more citations and arrests when drivers hit pedestrians. The change comes after a string of deadly collisions.

Jikaiah Stevens lined up with dozens of other pedestrians at San Francisco's City Hall demanding change from the police department and Board of Supervisors.

"I flew onto the of a car, dented the hood when she hit the brakes," Stevens said of being hit by a driver. "I flew off and cracked my head open."

Stevens, 30, has permanent injuries after being hit in a crosswalk in September. A police report said the driver who hit her ran a red light. The driver was not cited or charged.

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Meanwhile, Stevens is saddled with medical bills and health problems.

"You almost lose your apartment. You lose your job. You lose so much and nothing happens to the person who did this to you," Stevens said.

Police said moving forward drivers who are at fault can expect at least a citation and possibly handcuffs.

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