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San Francisco Terror Plot Suspect's Father, Employer React to ‘Really Unbelievable' Allegations

The father of a Modesto man, who is behind bars in connection with allegedly planning an ISIS-inspired terror attack in San Francisco, is having a hard time believing the accusations leveled against his son.

Everitt Jameson told undercover FBI agents about plans to use explosives and a tow truck to claim lives at Pier 39, a popular tourist haunt, at the peak of the holidays on Christmas Day, court documents reveal.

The suspect’s father, Gordon Jameson, however said his son played football and wrestled in high school. He grew into a fun-loving man who would never hurt anyone.

Video from Everitt Jameson’s Facebook page shows a supervised visit with his two children.

Gordon Jameson said Child Protective Services took the 26-year-old man’s kids away from him a few months ago, and that caused a lot of emotional pain. Everitt Jameson became distraught, even suicidal, according to his father. It remains unclear why CPS separated the father and his children.

The plot to attack Pier 39, however, just doesn’t gel with the man Everitt Jameson is. In fact, Gordon Jameson said he wants to see all the evidence the FBI has compiled against his son.

“It’s really unbelievable, hard to fathom right now,” Gordon Jameson said. “I don’t know what to say. It’s just shocking. It’s my son. (I) never saw it coming – not once.”

Meanwhile, Jameson was hired at Anderson Towing, based in Ceres, since August. 

The company’s owner, Duane Thompson, told the Modesto Bee that Jameson’s alleged plans brought “this terrorist stuff way (too) close to home.”

He expressed gratitude to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies “for discovering this before another terrible tragedy could take place.”

Thompson continued: “These are troubling times we live in and one never knows what another is capable of. This is not the sort of thing you want to be thinking about at Christmas.”

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