San Francisco

All Hail the ‘Chief Pancake Officer' in SF's Bernal Heights

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Nothing like hot cakes with friends on a crisp winter morning.

Curtis Kimball, the "Chief Pancake Officer" for his neighborhood in San Francisco, hosted a pancake party last month for fellow residents, and it really took off.

The community event went viral, and more than 75 people showed up after Kimball added a humorous touch with posted fliers around the neighborhood. It went so well, he's planning another pancake party for Saturday.

"Everyone felt great, and when they came up to me they felt super refreshed," Kimball said. "My friends were like, 'That's such a good idea. I should do that.' And I said, 'Definitely. Everyone should do it.'"

Indeed, Kimball's dream is for others to follow him and host their own pancake parties to help reconnect with their communities.

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