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‘Definitely Scary': Victim Opens Up About San Francisco Paintball Attacks

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At least four people have recently been hit with paintball guns at close range in San Francisco along popular Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights.

Video captured the moment Mauricio Lama was hit in the back with two shots Thursday night, leaving painful welts.

“It hurt, it was unexpected so it hurt more because it was so close,” he said. “My back started to welt up, bleeding.”

At least three other people were struck last week near the same area. At Bare Bottle Brewing Company, witnesses say two people were hit -- one in the shoulder and one in the head.They thought it sounded like gunfire.

At the Lucky Horseshoe, video shows what looks like the same car involved in Lama's incident, driving by the parklet Friday night, sending a painful paintball into the crowd.

“It sounded like gunfire, very scary,” Tony Landers said, adding that it hit a woman on the side of the face. 

“The woman was traumatized, unfortunately as soon as she got hit they raced her into the bar and put ice on her head. It was severe,” he said.

Police are investigating and Lama is hoping the people in that white car realize it is more than a prank.

“I didn't appreciate it, I wouldn't want anyone else to go through what I did,” he said. “Definitely scary.”

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