San Francisco

Governors Tour Salesforce Transit Center at Infrastructure Summit

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San Francisco was on parade Wednesday. Governor Gavin Newsom welcomed fellow governors from other states to talk about fixing infrastructure and he used the new Salesforce Transit Center as the backdrop.

“We love showing this off,” Newsom said. “We love forgetting all of the challenges this project had including the opening and closing.”

The center was closed for 278 days but now, the governor describes it as the “Grand Central Station of the west.”

Leaders gathered for the National Governor’s Association Infrastructure Summit in San Francisco where they looked at new technologies and new creative solutions and how to pay for them.

“Nobody likes to increase the gas tax, but we know we actually need to fund these essential services in our states,” said Montana Governor Steve Bullock.

Newsom let a tour of Salesforce Transit Center and describes it as a, “world-class example of effective governance. With some truth to its world-class status. We are nonetheless proud that a 20-year dream was realized.”

Newsom said the vision for this transit center is to have 11 different agencies under this roof – including the high-speed rail.

Though there’s no timeline on that, he said that in the next 10 days, he’ll release the details of his vision for a 21st Century utility including microgrids, technology and more.

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