Man Assaulted, Robbed Near Chase Center in San Francisco

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A man was assaulted and robbed in the middle of the day in San Francisco just blocks away from the Chase Center last week and he believes it was because he is gay and Asian.

The group that attacked Marcus Chung was yelling homophobic slurs and he said he can’t help but think he was targeted.

“Just being outside walking around has been harder than expected,” said Chung. “I'm nervous looking over my shoulder constantly.”

On March 18 at 4 p.m., police said a car with four men pulled up next to Chung as he was taking a walk just blocks from the Chase Center.

The men got out of the car, then beat and robbed him of his watch.

“One of them took the butt of his gun, slammed it into my forehead, screamed f*****, and then they jumped into the car and drove off,” said Chung.

The victim credits bystanders for helping him get to the hospital after the attack, but his recovery is just beginning.

“My heart is racing because I haven’t been in this location since it happened,” said Chung at the site of the attack. “I want people to know this is happening, I want public officials to know that public safety is important and I'm hoping we can find justice in some way.”

Four people have been arrested and face multiple charges of robbery, burglary, possession of stolen property and concealment of a gun.  

They’re also being charged with two unrelated auto burglaries. 

But despite pleas from Chung, and the district attorney, the court ordered all four released to home detention.

“It's really hard to hear that the judge prioritized their well being over mine, the person who was attacked and also public safety,” said Chung.

The San Francisco Police Department said that although a homophobic slur was used during the attack, investigators do not yet believe this incident was motivated by hate.

Chung disagrees and now waits for justice.

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