San Jose City Council OK's Shooting of Wild Pigs

San Jose councilmembers have made permanent a measure that allows the shooting of wild pigs that have become a nuisance by ripping up lawns and golf course fairways.
The council voted 7-3 on Tuesday to establish a permanent law that allows licensed trappers to catch and shoot boars.
A trial law clearing the way for pig-killing, passed in late 2013, was set to expire next week.

Residents such as Gigi Michelle, whose south San Jose property near Coyote Creek and Forsum road has been dug up by pigs.

"Basically it’s a buffet for them," she said previously. "They have grubs there, and they have water. Once they step on this pan, close the door."

The pigs, some weighing hundreds of pounds, have been spotted in south San Jose over the past decade. Some people have reported thousands of dollars in damage as the pigs try to dig up food under the grass.
Those who are thinking about shooting a pig have to obtain a depredation permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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