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San Jose Cop Arrested for Indecent Exposure Faces New Allegations

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A San Jose cop arrested and put on leave after investigators say he was caught masturbating in front of a family during a police call to their home faces new allegations.

Jennifer Rodrigues, 25, reported what she calls an aggressive sexual assault by Officer Matthew Dominguez after a Memorial Day party in Campbell last year. She said it happened while Dominguez was off duty at the home of another officer.

Rodrigues said a drunken Dominguez grabbed her breasts while pretending to admire her hair.

"It was a little too much on my breasts and then I kind of pulled away, leaned towards the right and he grabbed my inner thigh and tried to play footsie with me and tried to grab my hand," Rodrigues said.

Encouraged by her boyfriend and other officers, Rodrigues reported the incident to the independent police auditor. The complaint made its way through internal affairs, Campbell police and finally the district attorney's office.

Rodrigues has been told prosecutors didn’t think they have enough to bring charges and that the statute of limitations is about to run out on the case.

"It makes me feel helpless," Rodrigues said. "It makes me feel like I shouldn’t believe in the justice system."

Rodrigues reached out to NBC Bay Area after learning about another woman who has come forward claiming Dominguez groped her while she was handcuffed during a DUI arrest in December.

On Monday, her attorney filed a legal motion and planned to issue a subpoena to force Dominguez to testify in court.

"I think that it’s necessary in this case for officer Dominguez to take the stand and talk about what he did, what’s on camera and what’s not," attorney Zachary Reitman said.

Dominguez did not return NBC Bay Area's request for an interview.

"The DA is going to look at all of these cases that are coming forward against officer Dominguez in light of his criminal prosecution in June and yes, there will be potentially more charges filed," legal analyst Steven Clark said.

Monday's legal motion will be heard in court just two days after Dominguez will be charged in his indecent exposure case.

Each case will have its own individual complications that need to be worked out and things could get even messier if more potential victims come forward.

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