San Jose Hotel Suffers Power Outage During Heat Wave

Guests at a popular Downtown San Jose hotel had a nightmare stay as they were without power or air conditioning for 36 hours, all during the peak of this week’s heat wave.

The lights at the Marriott are back on Thursday as a big, loud generator the size of a semi-truck was parked right outside. However, it showed up more than a day after extreme heat and darkness.

"I was sitting in my room and all of a sudden everything went quiet," said guest Cindy Hakes. "TV went off, the air conditioning stopped."

It was around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday when they say things got crazy, on a day of triple-digit heat.

Hakes immediately texted her husband who was at the convention next door.

"I was in the convention center, which was cool," San Hakes said. "She texts me and says I just took a cold shower and I cried. I am not loving this."

The Hakes said a message on the intercom said there was smoke on the second floor and that they’d try to bring things back to normal as fast as possible. But, for more than a day, the couple said there was no hot water and no electricity, meaning no air conditioning.

"Other than being hot and muggy and I couldn’t watch, TV, I survived," Cindy said.

Thirty-Six hours later, a huge generator appeared on the hotel sidewalk, finally bringing back power Wednesday night.

NBC Bay Area reached out to the hotel’s general manager but did not hear back. An e-mail sent to corporate offices in Maryland went unanswered as well.

As for the Hakes, what they didn’t mind was their bill. They weren’t charged for what they had to endure.

Surrounding businesses had no issues with their power this week.

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