San Jose

San Jose Landlords Scramble to Repair Flood-Stricken Homes in Time for City Incentives

It’s been five months but dozens of San Jose residents uprooted by the disastrous Coyote Creek flood have been unable to return home.

Their apartments are still under repair, so the city is offering landlords money as an incentive to speed it up. In the flood-wrecked Rock Springs neighborhood, however, some homes are almost ready for move in, while others are still weeks, if not months, away.

Being able to hand apartment keys to tenants by July 31, means a landlord will be able to qualify for $2,000 for the first unit and a $1,000 each for every additional unit.

“That’s what the incentive program is for: to help encourage owners to move as quick as they can to get the work done,” said San Jose’s Deputy Housing Director Dave Bopf.

Hundreds of families had to be rescued in February when the Anderson Dam spilled over, prompting Coyote Creek to overflow its banks and flood water to rush into streets and homes in San Jose.

Now, 80 families remain displaced, living in motels and temporary homes until their apartments are ready.

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