San Jose

San Jose Lyft Passengers Among Highest Tippers in the Country

San Jose is home to one of the highest average tip amounts to Lyft drivers in the nation, the ride-hailing company announced Monday morning.

Among the top nine cities where the highest tips were given to Lyft drivers, San Jose reigned in at fourth, with the highest tip ever given standing at $270. Other cities with the highest tippers include Westchester County, New York, Dallas, Texas, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The news came as Lyft, which operates in the United States and Canada, announced a major milestone - reaching over half a billion dollars in tips for their drivers, mostly in the year 2017.

A spokesperson from the company stated that the average tip amount for Lyft drivers increased 8% last year, and over half of all tips — $260 million —  came in 2017 alone. He added that while it took four years to generate the first $100 million of tips, the last $100 million came in just four months, which speaks to Lyft’s incredible growth.

Unlike other ride-sharing companies, Lyft has offered in-app tipping for their drivers since the beginning.

“Lyft drivers are central to everything we do,” said Yohan Bobcombe, Dallas-Fort Worth Market Manager, Lyft. “Since our earliest days, we’ve offered in-app tipping because it’s the right thing to do. Whether it’s sharing stories or playing great music, Lyft drivers are always going above and beyond to not only help passengers get where they need to go, but make passengers’ days a little brighter. Today and every day, we’re grateful for the generosity of every member of the Lyft community.”

San Jose’s large contribution to Lyft’s recent gains serves as a testament to the community’s generosity and gratitude for the ride-sharing community.

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