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San Jose Police Kept Busy Responding to Weekend Sideshows Across the City

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San Jose police officers spent the weekend trying to break up sideshows across the city.

Despite a recent vow to crack down on sideshows, police admitted homicide investigations Saturday night and early Sunday tied up the understaffed department.

"On that specific night, due to the homicide that occurred and the other homicide that followed, there was very little resources available and, as such, there were no arrests reported and no citations given," San Jose police Officer Steve Aponte said.

There were at least four known sideshows in San Jose over the weekend at the following locations: near the Berryessa/North San Jose BART station at Mabury Road, near Highway 87 and Santa Teresa Boulevard, at Story and King roads, and near Gish Road and Old Bayshore Highway.

Some people, who did not want to be identified, told NBC Bay Area that they attend sideshows and don’t think they cause any real harm since the intersections are usually deserted at the time.

One person generally agreed but is still concerned sideshows could get out of hand.

"Somebody could get injured, yeah, for sure," they said.

Police plan to continue sideshow enforcement, including towing vehicles and making arrests as resources allow.

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