Rhea Mahbubani

San Leandro Attempted Kidnapping Suspect May Be Linked to New Victims: Police

A man wanted for macing and trying to abduct a woman in broad daylight in San Leandro last month may be linked to at least two other kidnapping attempts, police said Tuesday. 

The man, who police say is driving a silver 2014 Nissan Sentra SR, is accused of making a violent attempt to kidnap a woman on July 28 on the 14700 block of Washington Avenue. Police said the suspect vehicle sports wheels that are gray, gunmetal or anthracite in color.

A Good Samaritan rescued the victim, who was heading to a bus stop en route to work, police said. Yong-Sung Leal, 23, was also maced, but managed to fight off the attacker, who got away.

"That was not too long ago and this guy is still out there and he’s just not stopping," Leal said.

Police, who say the suspect's car is the common factor in all the cases, say two women reported that the same man tried to contact them within a week of the initial attack. The victims believe the man was tracking them.

"We're going back to the public, hoping for some help because we know that this car's out there," said Robert McManus with the San Leandro Police Department.

Police believe the suspect recently bought his vehicle and had it outfitted with custom wheels. They are also toying with the possibility that the man borrowed the car from a friend or family member or auto dealership, where he might work. Police did not provide further details about the various scenarios that they are exploring.

"It has aftermarket wheels on it, which are very, very unique," McManus stressed.

Investigators worked with the victim and witnesses to create a suspect sketch. He was reportedly clad in a collared shirt, and jumped out and maced the woman after parallel parking his car, police said.

Leal described the suspect as "very unassuming." He was a "handsome gentleman, well dressed, well put together," he said.

Authorities are hoping someone recognizes the suspect's car before he kidnaps someone — this time successfully.

"Suspects of these types of violent crimes, they build up to or grow into it," McManus said.

People with information about the case can call (510) 577-3259.

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