Santa Rosa Beer Maker Brews Up A Hit. Twice.

Vinnie Cilurzo says the first batch of home-brewed beer he ever made tasted horrible. Still, he enjoyed the process so much he figured it was something he could make a living out of.

That he has done, and then some.

Vinnie and his wife, Natalie, took over the Russian River Brewing Company brand a decade ago. Over that time one of their beers, Pliny the Elder, has achieved cult status in the beer world: racking up awards, and flying off store shelves.

Vinnie and Natalie say their goal was just to make a good product, not set the beer world on fire. Which makes it even more surprising that they did it again.

Watch Garvin Thomas' report above.

Editor's note: In the video report above we incorrectly referred to the American Homebrewers Association as the Homebrewers Association of America. We apologize for the error.

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