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Search for Woman Buried in Fort Funston Landslide Concludes With No Result

Officials with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area confirmed Friday that the search effort for a woman buried in a landslide at San Francisco's Fort Funston last week has concluded.

The search ended Friday after National Park Service officials "exhausted all possible actions," GGNRA officials said, adding that there was a "high probability that the woman was taken out to sea by high tide."

According to the city's medical examiner's office, the woman's death has not been confirmed and her identity was not released.

However, according to a GoFundMe account, the woman has been tentatively identified as Kyra Sunshine Scarlet.

The search for the woman who was caught in a cliff slide at Fort Funston in San Francisco continued through most of Saturday but there are fears her body may have been taken out to sea during high tide. Sergio Quintana reports.

"The only solace is she was with her friend and dog on a beach with a view of an ocean, which was her happy place," according to a statement posted on the site.

The GoFundMe account can be found here.

On Feb. 22, witnesses told fire officials they saw the victim, who was with her dog and another women, climbing up the 80-foot cliff around 2:30 p.m. The women were about halfway up when the cliff started caving in on top of them, fire officials said.

Bystanders pulled out one woman and began frantically digging for the other but were unsuccessful.

The woman who was rescued did not have serious injuries, and the dog was uninjured, according to fire officials.

Stormy conditions earlier this week hampered the search effort, which included the use of heavy machinery, shovels and search dogs, GGNRA officials said.

Thursday and Friday, NPA officials used a 60-foot boom excavator and front end loader to "carefully and methodically" remove debris at the base of the bluff. Cadaver dogs also assisted in Friday's search with no results, GGNRA officials said.

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