See What Mehserle Jurors Were Thinking Ahead of Trial

Questionnaires completed by the 12 seated jurors who reached the  verdict in the Johannes Mehserle trial were unsealed last week.

The documents total 170 pages and can be viewed here.

In July,  the LA jury convicted Mehserle's of involuntary manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant  on a BART platform on New Year's Day 2009. Prosecutors had pushed for a murder conviction and the finding of a lesser charge sparked large protests in Oakland.

An involuntary manslaughter conviction calls for two to four years in prison, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry could tack on an additional three to 10 years because a gun was used in the killing.

The original sentencing date was in early August, but Mehserle's lawyer Michael Rains asked for a delay in order to prepare his case. Mehserle, 28, remains in custody.

Sentencing is scheduled for the first week in November.

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