SF Start Up Wants to Make You Michael Crichton

Stewie may not be able to make fun of Brian too much longer.

The leftist dog from "Family Guy" may finally have the motivation he needs to finish that never ending novel.

Stewie talks to Brian about his novel

A new San Francisco-based start up, Scribd, will introduce a way for aspiring writers to upload their books or documents to the web and charge people to read it, according to our friends at the New York Times.

Think of Scribd as a YouTube for writers. Instead shooting amateur video and posting it on line, writers can post their poems, research papers and even Brian can publish his novel.

Users can read documents on the site and share the link over social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Scribd also gives writers the power to control how much they charge for their words and they can also lock it so it cannot be passed out for free or copied.

Scribd actually lets writers keep 80 percent of the profits. Or generous writers can offer up their words for free via pdf downloads or for download on the Amazon Kindle.

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