San Francisco

SFO Cracks Down After Report of Cabbies Urinating, Defecating in Lot

San Francisco International Airport is cracking down on cabbies for urinating and defecating in the airport's taxi parking lot.

The airport is adding patrols to crack down on what they say is a growing problem, and on Tuesday, SFO issued a memo to taxi drivers, telling them the problem is so bad, it's become a health hazard.

Taxi drivers on Tuesday say they are being unfairly targeted.

Passengers agree it's a problem.

"It's ridiculous to think people are peeing and pooping out there when there are bathrooms everywhere and to the fact the airport had to issue a memo," said Tim Buskard of Livermore.

Culley Maxwell of Merced said: "It's just stupid they'd have to do that; that's crazy."

SFO Transportation Manager Seth Morgan sent an email to San Francisco cabbies, saying the problem creates a highly unsanitary situation. He warned them that additional police patrols will be cracking down on violators.

Cabbies said they're offended by the accusations.

"We don't do that," taxi driver Jeffrey Htung said.

Kamaljit Singh added: "I look at the email and say there is no way anybody is doing that. I've been driving here 26 years."

Cabbies admit they often wait 2-3 hours to pick up one fare at SFO. An app showed there were 393 taxis in line Tuesday at noon. But despite the long waits, drivers say they use the designated bathrooms.

Airport maintenance staff said they often find urine in the parking lot and sometimes have to clean up feces.

In the email to taxi drivers, the airport said those caught doing their business outside the bathroom could face suspension, fines and even arrest. An SFO spokesman confirmed the airport did send out the email to cabbies but declined further comment.

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