SF's Castro District Preps for Prop. 8 Decision, Pride Weekend

The mystery of when the U.S. Supreme Court will issue a decision on California's Prop. 8 has business owners and street party planners in San Francisco's Castro District in a bind.

At the Eureka Restaurant, Chef Gaines Dobbins is doing as much prep work as possible.

Dobbins is expecting it to be a big night.

"Well you let me know when decision day is and I'll staff it," Dobbins said. "I don't know."

The uncertainty makes it hard to staff the restaurant and the anxiety mounts the closer it gets to Pride weekend.

Dobbins says Pride is the busiest time of year.

"The later it gets the more hectic it's gonna be," Dobbins said.

That's because out-of-town guests are now rolling into the area for the weekend celebration.

With decision day still looming, the crowd in the Castro will be bigger than originally expected.

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Greg Carey, a Castro Community on Patrol volunteer, said the uncertainty makes it tough to coordinate volunteers needed for a safe event.

"More and more out of towners are coming into San Francisco," he said. "That means the size of the crowd for day of decision is going to be two or three times what it would be if it was just local people."

The details of the decision will set the tone of the event.

View Jean Elle's full report in the video above.

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