Sheen Seeks Social Media Intern

...or is that social media Goddess?

Just about every other tech giant has one .. why not Charlie Sheen?

The new social media mogul himself has taken an ad out on (here's the link) looking for someone with #tigerblood, who's all about #winning (when, by the way, can we decide that these hashtags have officially jumped the shark?  No offense, Twitter, but "#justsayin').

The ad goes on to say that the intern will work closely with Sheen to "leverage his social network."  Really, why go to a place like Yahoo! or some startup, when you can send out tweets and Facebook updates for the guy who set the Guinness record for fastest to a million followers?

It's actually kind of an interesting way to get yourself an inside look at Hollywood - at least, an inside look at the most eerily fascinating part of Hollywood these days.

If you do get chosen, let us know.  Should be an interesting gig to follow.

Scott, like Charlie, is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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