Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank Under Justice Department Investigation

NBC Universal, Inc.

What remains of Silicon Valley Bank is not only being watched closely by its deposit holders, it's now the subject of a justice department investigation.

The Department of Justice is looking into, among other things, SVB executives who sold stock in the weeks before the bank's collapse. SVB is also getting criticism for paying out bonuses as the bank was cratering.

Meanwhile, stock prices for other regional banks like First Republic and Schwab rebounded Tuesday after suffering huge losses over the past few days.

One Bay Area bank CEO said Tuesday was calmer but lots of relationships are still being hammered out. Another tech CEO said she's confident the relationships between venture capitalists, startups and banks will survive.

NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman has more in the video report above.

NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai speaks with our own Consumer Investigative Reporter, Chris Chmura, about what's next for SVB after a federal takeover.
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