Silicon Valley Group Aims to Boost Women in Tech

Group Aims to Boost Women in Tech

The stats don't lie: Nearly 70 percent of tech workers are still male, the majority still white.

When it comes to Venture funding? Just 11 percent of VCs, according to a recent study, are women.

Project Include wants to change that. Boasting a lineup of female tech executives from Pinterest, Slack, Kapor Capital and including Ellen Pao, it's a project to encourage tech executives to bring more women and minorities into the mix.

It's a welcome push, according to Chenxi Wang. Wang is a tech executive who also launched "Equal Respect," aiming to bring more diversity to tech, with a focus on shows and conventions. "I think we all want the same things," she says. "More women, more diversity, and more people from different walks of life in the tech industry."

Will it work? We'll see. Even Sheryl Sandberg, who successfully launched the "Lean In" movement, told us in a recent interview that "we're still really far from equality."

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