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Silicon Valley Juicer Originally Priced at $700 Sells at a Los Angeles Thrift Store for $40

A Silicon Valley juicer originally sold for $700 was sold at a thrift store in Los Angeles for $40. What may have been considered a good steal for the buyer, marked the very end of a San Francisco-based juicing company.

Juicero, founded by Doug Evans in 2014, sold a high-tech, Wi-Fi connected juicing machine that pressed single-serving pouches of fresh fruits and vegetables sold exclusively by the company by subscription.

Initially very popular, the company received over $120 million in startup capital from top-tier firms including Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins, SF Gate reports. However, the company lived a short life, announcing the ceasing of operations in September 2017.

With the end of the juicing machine, came the end of the pouches. Meaning whoever was excited about buying the now-$40 machine, will not be able to use it to make juice.

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