Jodi Hernandez

Small Sinkhole Caused by Melted Pipes Temporarily Closes Santa Rosa Street

Heavy rain overnight caused a small sinkhole Thursday morning on a street in the Fountaingrove area of Santa Rosa, city officials said.

Dafford Place is one of 31 areas identified in Fountaingrove that have sections of underground storm drain pipe that were burned in the Tubbs Fire last month.

The compromised storm drain travels under Dafford Place, and city work crews temporarily closed the street to mitigate further issues, city officials said.

"We caught it quickly, got crews out here to open it up and stop the flow," said Paul Lowenthal, of the Santa Rosa Fire Department.

Fortunately, last night’s storm didn’t bring as much rain as expected, and the city’s storm preps held up. But everyone realizes the next round of rain could be different.

"That’s why we put such an effort and focus on providing erosion control measures, hydro-mulching, putting gravel bags in front of storm drains," Lowenthal said.

Emergency repairs are now underway to replace the melted pipes with new ones.

There were no other major issues caused by the rain overnight, according to the city.

NBC Bay Area's Jodi Hernandez contributed to this report.

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