Snack Attack: Google Cuts Back

So the economy actually affects Google after all....

The Internet buzzed Thursday with news that Google is reacting to economic difficulties by cutting back ever-so-slightly on its snacks, meal services and other perks.

One of Silicon Valley's most respected blogs, "Valleywag," first reported that Google is starting to make adjustments because of the economic downturn.

According to a memo obtained by the blog, breakfast hours will be shortened and the menu simplified, among other things.

On Thursday the New York Post also picked up the story, filing it under the headline "Frugal Google Cuts Perks."

The Drudge Report in turn linked to that article, calling Google's move a "snack crackdown."

To see the somewhat long list of all the little things Google is doing to cut back, check out the original Valleywag article.

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