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Amid a String of Misconduct Allegations Within SJPD, the Mayor Is Calling for Change

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Amid a string of misconduct allegations within the San Jose Police Department, the mayor is calling for change.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo is advocating for changes concerning city employees being criminally investigated by the police department while still serving the community.

Over the last month the San Jose Police Department has been involved in several misconduct situations such as an officer on leave for allegedly exchanging a meth pipe for information and another officer arrested and charged with indecent exposure for allegedly masturbating in a home where he had responded for a call of a domestic disturbance.

"It has been frustrating because we are held to a higher standard," said San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata.

One of the officers involved in the allegations mentioned is Matthew Dominguez who remained on patrol after several community complaints. It wasn't until he was accused of touching himself that he was suspended.

Last week, San Jose Code Enforcement Inspector William Gerry was sentenced to 35 years in prison for extorting massage parlors for sex and money.

Gerry also had prior community complaints logged against him, but he continued to work with the public.

Mayor Liccardo said that won't happen anymore and is asking the independent police auditor and city manager to tighten the rules.

If a city employee faces serious allegations, he or she will be pulled from any community contact until the investigation is complete.

"Establishing very clear triggers for administrative leave so we are taking employees of the line when there is a credible complaint made," he said."

Chief Mata reiterated that he demands professionalism from all, and notes that he followed through on a promise by personally walking former officer Dominguez off the job after the latest allegation.

"I think they got the message," he said, "powerful message that we don't tolerate any criminal misconduct."

The changes can happen quickly as the city manager said no votes will be needed and she can implement new guidelines administratively.

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