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Lack of Rain Creates Drought Concerns in the Bay Area

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It has been a dry February after a dry January and there’s no rain in sight. Now, the word “drought” is popping up in conversations. However, experts say there’s no need to be alarmed.

“If there’s no rain and we start going back to where we were a couple years ago, then we’ll start being concerned,” said Matt Keller from Valley Water.

The agency said the underground water basins are very healthy so even though it might look dry on the surface, the water is following below.

“Right now, they are healthy,” said Keller. “They are full and all that water underground, we can store more water underground than all the reservoirs combined.”

Valley Water said we’re still in the rainy season, so there still might be one or two more atmospheric rivers. However, they still urge everyone to conserve, as it does in wet years, just in case we hit another unpredictable dry spell.

Fifty-five percent of Santa Clara County’s water is imported and reservoirs across the state are near capacity so no emergency quite yet.

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