Questions, Confusion Linger Over Santa Clara County's Travel Quarantine Order

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There continues to be a lot of confusion and questions over the new coronavirus restrictions in Santa Clara County.

Specifically, questions surround the order that anyone traveling more than 150 miles from the county line has to quarantine for 14 days when they return.

"This entire time, the quarantine thing has been fluctuating in severity. Just going back and forth," said Santiago Gibson of San Jose.

A one-way flight to Lake Tahoe out of Reid-Hillview Airport in San Jose is just under 150 miles. So, a flier could assume that they're not subject to the new county order and quarantine. But if a person were to drive to Lake Tahoe from the same airport, they would be traveling more than 200 miles outside the county line, meaning a quarantine is required.

"Oh, you hear, travel more than 150 miles and you stay home. But who is going to put the money in our pocket to support our families," said Willard Maynard of San Jose.

NBC Bay Area has spent the past two days trying to get someone from the public health department to clarify the order, but the department has repeatedly said that no one is available to answer questions.

The department said it will be responding to some of the questions Wednesday.

There are also questions surrounding construction crews, who in the past have been considered essential. Many travel from the Central Valley and stay in the South Bay during the work week.

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