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Santa Clara County Begins J&J, Moderna Booster Shot Rollout

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Less than 24 hours after the CDC officially recommended booster shots for all Johnson & Johnson recipients and many recipients of the Moderna vaccine, Santa Clara County’s Public Health Department started making those boosters available.

It was a pretty active day the the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds vaccination site with hundreds of people showing up for appointments or walk ins. 

“It’s been just two days after the six months and I waited until Moderna was available,” said Jonni Giubbini of San Jose.
She couldn’t wait to get her booster shot at the fairgrounds Friday morning.

“I’m very for it,” she said. “I wish more people would do it. Unfortunately I lost my mother to COVID in September ... she was unvaccinated.”

Giubbini who is in her 50s and has an underlying medical condition,got her Moderna booster and though there was a steady stream of patients, the public health department said it hopes to see much more since fewer than 7,500 primarily Pfizer recipients have gotten a booster shot so far. 

Health officers again outlined who is eligible and stressed that now any COVID vaccine can be used as a booster. 

“Anyone who is 18 years or older and has an underlying medical condition, or anyone who’s 18 or older and works or lives in a setting where they may have increased risk of exposure to COVID-19,” said Dr. Sara Cody, public health officer. 

Vaccine director, Dr. Marty Fenstersheib said, “I know there’s all these questions about ‘what about my kids 12-to-17?’ [There’s] no recommendation, no indication for any of those 12-to-17’s to get boosters at this point.”

As of Friday, all 3 kinds of COVID-19 boosters were available at Santa Clara County vaccination sites. Raj Mathai speaks with Santa Clara County COVID vaccine officer Dr. Marty Fenstersheib on this.

After getting her booster, Giubbini said she personally feels good and more safe, especially with a San Jose Sharks game on her schedule. 

The public health department also recommends checking it’s website to find more Information on the qualifying ‘underlying medical conditions’ since diabetes, being overweight or even mental health issues are all included. 

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