Woman Has Emotional Support Dog Stolen While Moving to the Bay Area

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A woman moved to the Bay Area and while looking for a place to live, had her rental car stolen. But the bigger problem was -- her dog was inside. 

Kristie Howard moved to the South Bay for work three weeks ago, along with her beloved dog Pennylou. 

The veteran said the miniature poodle mix is her emotional support dog. 

“I guess everyone thinks they have the best dog ever, but I truly think she’s the best dog ever,” said Howard.  

On July 1, she was looking for a San Jose apartment a half mile south of Santana Row and after a tour went back to her car. She noticed she forgot her ID in the leasing office. 

She rolled down the windows a bit and left Pennylou in the car for just three minutes. 

“I just didn’t feel like anything would happen in that amount of time,” said Howard. “I regret everyday now, but by the time I came back out she was gone and the car was gone.” 

She had just moved from Brooklyn and never thought her dog and car would be stolen in San Jose.

Surveillance video showed the moment the blue Toyota Rav-4 took off. She had the keys, so thinks it must’ve been hotwired. 

Mostly, she’s heartbroken Pennylou is out there.

“I just want her back home safe, I miss her, I love her. It’s been really rough,” said Howard.  

She has posted signs around the area, made a police report, and asked for help on social media. 

The American Kennel Club estimates that nearly two million dogs are stolen each year in the U.S. in crimes of opportunity like this. 

Howard is pleading if you know what happened or where Pennylou is -- call the police.

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