Spilled Beer Wrecks Commute

A big-rig container filled with beer overturned on southbound Highway 17 Tuesday morning.

We don't know how much beer was in the container, but the container itself weighed 43,000 pounds.

Some of the beer did spill.  Helicopter pilots over the scene could be heard saying they could smell beer from their cockpit.

The crash happened just  south of Summit Road at 6:10 a.m., but traffic was a mess hours later.  Noone was hurt.

Witnesses said the big-rig struck an embankment on a curve as it headed south toward the Summit.   The tractor-trailer blocked two lanes of traffic at the border  of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties.    

The bottled beer was shrink wrapped on pallets.  All of it had to be loaded onto another truck.

The destination of the truck and its contents isn't known, but with the Labor Day weekend ahead somebody is going to be low on stock.

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