St. Francis Statue at Candlestick Soon to Be Homeless

A 27-foot-tall concrete and steel rendering of St. Francis needs a new home

Next on the eviction list in San Francisco: St. Francis himself.

The city's patron saint is looking for a new home, or at least the 27-foot-tall statue honoring the humble friar in front of Candlestick Park needs to move, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

A 27-foot rendering of the saint in concrete and reinforced steel has stood in front of the turnstiles at the 'Stick since 1973, the newspaper reported.

The statue welcomed many thousands of San Francisco 49ers fans to the team's home grounds, but its future will not be in Santa Clara at Levi's Stadium with the Niners.

Created by artist Ruth Wakefield Cravath, the statue is the property of the city's Arts Commission, which is in charge of finding a new home for the modernist art.

Cost of moving the statue, which weighs in at several tons, could exceed $200,000, the newspaper reported.

Right now, it's most likely new home is in the neighborhood, perhaps incorporated with the new shopping mall that will be built on the site of the Stick, according to the paper.

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