Ebola Free: Stanford Doctor Ends Self-Imposed Quarantine

A Stanford doctor is back treating patients after spending 21 days in quarantine.

Dr. Colin Bucks voluntarily quarantined himself in his Peninsula home following a trip to Liberia, where he treated Ebola patients. He arrived in the states days after California health officials set mandatory quarantine regulations for health workers returning from West Africa.

Bucks was limited to Skype conversations with others until Friday. He said he is happy to see his family.

"The funny thing about quarantine is everyone knows where you are," Bucks said.

The doctor showed no symptoms, which he said means the Ebola virus can't be transmitted.

"If I'd been in a restaurant, if I'd gone to a movie, no one would have been at risk," Bucks said. "I'm sympathy to fear, especially when there's something new."

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 5,000 people have died from the Ebola virus in West Africa. Bucks said he's not worried the outbreak will spread to the U.S., but he is grateful American nurses and medical facilities are preparing.

"It’s unfortunate that it takes a tragic event to spur these efforts," Bucks said. "I think as a nation we will be better able to immediately respond to emerging infections."

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