Pete Suratos

State Leaders Consider Building More Homes Near BART Stations

BART has already set a goal to build roughly 20,000 new apartments on land it owns by 2040

Mulling possible solutions to the housing crisis, state leaders are expected to discuss the possibility of building more homes around BART stations.

The type of construction on the table isn't exactly new for the transit agency, which has worked with developers to build thousands of homes at or near 13 of its stations, but the legislation would force cities to rezone BART land and fast-track approvals for certain developments.

BART has already established a goal to build roughly 20,000 new apartments on land it owns by 2040. Thirty-fire percent of that housing would be rented at below market rate prices.

People in support of the plan believe it's a viable solution to the current housing crisis, but those in opposition argue that cities should have the last say when it comes to housing, not BART. Critics also say more housing could affect parking and overall traffic at stations.

The housing legislation could be discussed as soon as Thursday.

In the meantime, a new parking garage is in the works at the Walnut Creek Transit Village, a new development being built at the Walnut Creek BART station.

During the next few months of construction, the west access road and south parking lot of the station will be closed.

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