Steve Jobs Gets A Comic

From the people who brought you the Mark Zuckerberg comic book, we'll soon see a Steve Jobs edition as well.

Bluewater Productions, who is publishing the book, announced yesteday the book will hit shelves August.

"Steve Jobs: The co-found of Apple" will give readers a "unique insight" into the CEO's "legendary drive to the top of his continuing fight to stay there," reports CNET.

"His innovations command front page news, speculation of his health affects the stock market. Not bad for a college dropout," Bluewater president Darren Davis said in a statement. "His story, and that of Apple, is epic. I'm surprised it took us this long to publish a proper, balanced biography of him."

The comic will run 32 pages, and be available at your local comic book store, and Amazon for $3.99.

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