Strike in Sunnyvale Slated After Employees Union, City End Pay Raise Negotiations

Some workers in Sunnyvale will not return to their posts Monday morning after the employees union and the city failed to reach an agreement regarding pay raises late last week.

The Sunnyvale Employees Association on Friday rejected the city's last financial offer, effectively ending last-minute negotiations between the two sides. With no agreement in place, the employees union and its members will walk off their jobs at 12:01 a.m. Monday, sources say. 

On Sunday, Mayor Glenn Hendricks described what people can expect.

"An impact will be on our planning department, people who are getting inspections if they are doing home remodeling, library services and parks."

Sunnyvale city leaders say they offered workers a "10 percent raise, a continuation of paying a 30 percent pension contribution, and a $6,000 signing bonus to employees who make an average of more than $120,000 in salary and benefits." Union leaders rejected that proposal.

City officials say union members are demanding a raise that would equate to Sunnyvale handing out an additional $82 million over the course of the next two decades.

The union has been pushing for what it called a long-delayed pay raise that stretched out over years.

Some members told NBC Bay Area that they agreed to not getting a raise to help the city through hard financial times and want compensation now that city is doing better.

During the scheduled strike, emergency services will still be available, according to city officials. Garbage service will also not by hindered.

Hendricks said the city is reaching out to union leaders, requesting that the union come back to the bargaining table.

The city expects the stgrike to last at three days. Residents wishing to learn more about the strike are encouraged to visit the city's website.

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