Take a Peek at Twitter’s Latest Product

Device and software turn any iPhone or iPad into a credit card reader

Andrew Mager

Twitter creator Jack Dorsey's eagerly anticipated start-up, Square, has finally launched.

The company offers a small device for scanning credit cards that plugs in to any iPhone or iPad, allowing everyone from taco trucks to people getting rid of furniture on Craigslist a way to accept payments, no cash necessary.

To take it for a test drive, you can drop by Sightglass Coffee near the Square office in San Francisco, where the device has been tested for the last few months.

Of course, in the time since the company was revealed and the hardware and software tested, plenty of competitors have popped up, including heavyweight payment processor VeriFone.

Meanwhile, Dorsey's old company is now testing the "Twitter Business Center" for business users of the messaging service.

The service will expand the "verified account" feature to businesses, and offer tools to manage the business's profile and multiple contributors to the account.

Offering businesses enhance features and metrics has long been rumored to be on the list of ideas for the company to actually start generating significant revenue.

Jackson West wonders when the first sensational story about sex workers using Square to charge clients will hit the wire services.

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