Tech and Fashion Merge in Time for Halloween

Artist creates LED eyelashes to critique the world's fascination with plastic surgery

Just in time for Halloween comes the LED eyelashes. We have no idea why they exist either but at least you'll know  you have the most unique eyelash accessories on the block.

If they don't work out, just say it was your costume.

The idea comes from the mind of multimedia artist Soomi Park, who says she tries to incorporate her critiques of the growing plastic surgery industry with technology.

She says the eye lashes are a "product that speaks to many Asian women’s desire for bigger eyes."

Her LED eyelashes won her honorary mention at the 2008 Interactive Art at PRIX Ars Electronica show. The eyelashes are hooked up to a tilt sensor so the lashes light up differently when you move your head.

Just be careful not to shock anyone.

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