The Ann Landers of Potheads Celebrates 420

North Bay students used to meet at 4:20 p.m. every day to smoke some weed, now that time is a date celebrated by potheads everywhere

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Today is 420, it's time to read up.

There are plenty of theories about the origins of 420 but no shortage of things to do to commemorate which ever version you subscribe.

An author who subscribes to theory that 420 was started by a group of San Rafael teenagers who used to meet after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke weed will be speaking today at Book Passage in the Ferry Building in San Francisco at 4:20 p.m.

Ed Rosenthal will be talking about his book the"Marijuana Grower’s Handbook," which is a comprehensive manual on how to grow your own marijuana.

“This book will turn any gardener, even a beginner, into a great grower," Rosenthal said in a statement. "I explain everything, from plant varieties and life cycle, through light and soil tips, new equipment and technology, pest eradication and harvesting methods.”

The 510 page book is filled with how to tips and pictures for amateurs and professionals and it is written by a man the New York Times calls "the pothead’s answer to Ann Landers, Judge Judy, Martha Stewart and the Burpee Garden Wizard all in one.”

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