The Funny Side of San Francisco's Coffee Wars

San Francisco's coffee wars are finally something to laugh about.

Whether you are a fan of Blue Bottle, Ritual Roasters or even Four Barrel, Philz or Sightglass the one certain thing is San Franciscans have no shortage of good coffee.

But sometimes lost in the perfect crema of a $4.50 soy latte is the counter cultures that have developed around each individual roaster. And sometimes the passion that fans of one place have for their favorite cup of joe.

Now at least we don't have to lose our sense of humor about the whole situation. San Francisco-based sketch comedy group, Killing My Lobster, has taken aim at the City's coffee wars and pointed out some of the amusing rituals -- no favoritism intended -- that go along with our morning ritual.

All in a style inspired by famed documentarian Ken Burns. So make sure to grab your favorite organic blend, sit back and enjoy the comedy troupe explain why some coffee “costs more than the goddamn crack!”

via 7×7 Magazine and Laughingsquid

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