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The Onion Satirizes San Francisco's Skyrocketing Rent Problem

Humor site The Onion has skewered San Francisco's astronomical rent prices, producing a satirical report that the city is going to close up shop for good.

In "Report: San Francisco to Shut Doors Over Rising Rent," fictional city officials are trying to find a non-Bay Area locale where they can relocate San Francisco because San Francisco just can't afford to be where it is anymore.

"The city's in such a great area, but ultimately we just couldn't find a way to make ends meet each month," said one imaginary San Francisco resident who spoke on behalf of every citizen who lives there in giving notice that they "would be vacating the premises by July 1."

Now that the site has published an actual parody of San Francisco's runaway rent problem, readers will no longer have to check the absurdly real headlines to see if they are fake stories from The Onion.

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