The Outside Lands Survival Guide

A look at how to deal with everything from ticket prices to parking to watching the show for free

Want to go to Outside Lands this weekend but you don't have a ticket? Don't worry, we've got you covered from where to score last minute duckets to the best way to Golden Gate Park and even how to watch the show without paying a dime.

While tickets are still available for all three days many people are complaining admission to the festival is too expensive.

A single day of musical madness will cost you $89.50 while enjoying everyone from Pearl Jam to Tom Jones will run you a whopping $225.50. With tickets that high, Outside Lands conveniently offered a layaway plan earlier this summer.

But there are alternatives to dealing with the sticker shock. Craiglist barterers and traders are already selling tickets single day and full festival tickets for under full price. Some posters are even open to negotiation. 

Prices are also sure to fall the day the festival starts or if you are willing to miss some of the music and wait until the first act takes the stage you can buy tickets from panicked scalpers looking to unload their merchandise.You can also time your purchase perfectly by finding out exactly when your favorite act is taking the stage with the Outside Lands iPhone app.

Is the festival is still out of your budget? No problem. You can still watch M.I.A. infect her fans with the avian flu at a price that would even make Bob Barker blush. YouTube will stream the concert for free starting Friday evening.

If the stream gets you so excited that you decide to take out a loan and go to the show anyway be sure to hope on BART or Caltrain and take the Bauer shuttles to the festival. The residents of San Francisco's Sunset and Richmond neighborhoods will thank you for leaving your car at home.

If you simply can't afford the festival and can't get to a computer this weekend, no worries. We still have you covered. Check back next week for reviews, pictures and video highlights of the Bay Area's biggest summer festival.

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