The Rock Can’t Get Google on Board

Repeater 1 on Flickr

In some parts of the world, they chase off the streets even false hints of Google. Here at home, though, we have cities changing their name to Google and others begging for the tech company to come to town.

Alcatraz actually wanted Google to drive its hated camera-strapped car on the rock taking pictures. But Google won't be accepting the island jail's friend request.

The former prison was one of 24 finalists in an online survey to become the next place to be caught on film by Google's Street View. There were more than 238,000 votes to determine five places to be shot -- and Alcatraz did not make the top five.

But all is not lost for the Google-loving island. Because of the response, the company says it may work with some of the other finalists after all.

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