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The Tet: Exhibit at San Jose's Children's Discovery Museum Celebrates Vietnamese Lunar New Year

You don’t have to go to Vietnam to take in the sights, sounds, and culture of the Tet Festival: you can just go to downtown San Jose.

The Tet marks the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, and it’s one of Vietnam’s most significant holidays.

The Children’s Discovery Museum is honoring it with a new exhibit, “Voyage to Vietnam: Celebrating the Tet Festival.”

"Voyage" has toured nationally for the past four years, at nine children’s museums.

It showcases the rich traditions, customs, and values of Vietnam.

Kids can learn about rice-cake making and walk through the outdoor kitchens you’d typically find in many Vietnamese homes.

Cecilia Clark, the museum’s public relations manager, promises it’s not just a fun time, but an educational one, too.

“We take an opportunity with our exhibits, and our cultural celebration series, to share the rich traditions and customs that exist here in Silicon Valley,” Clark says.

Adults and kids can tour the exhibit for $15, while infants and members get in for free.

The exhibit runs through May 12.

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