Thief Steals $15,000 Bike in Sausalito With Tap of Hand: Police

A thief in Sausalito stole a bike valued at $15,000 from an Audi on Thursday, all with a tap of his hand.

The man made off with the Cervelo P5 bicycle and other valuables on Central Avenue in Sausalito during the afternoon on Feb. 19, much of which was captured on surveillance video.

As police described it, the man was on Central Avenue driving a black vehicle, possibly a a 2011-2014 Volkswagen Golf TDI Diesel, when he drove past the Audi. It was then when police say he reached out, tapping the Audi with his hand as he passed by. He parked his Volkswagen close to the Audi, walked up to it and touched the vehicle's door handles.

After he did that, somehow the doors unlocked. Police believe the thief unlocked the Audi using an electronic device or remote.

Sausalito police warn residents that even advanced, high tech locks and security systems can be outsmarted.

Police say the suspect in this crime appears to be about 25 to 35 years old and was wearing black clothing.

Anyone with information on the suspect or this crime should contact Detective Ryan McMahon at 415-289-4118.

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