Thieves Nab $24,000 in Apple Products From Corte Madera Store

Five young men on Monday managed to nab roughly $24,000 in Apple products from a company store in Corte Madera, according to police.

The group of suspects ran into the store located at the Village Shopping Center around 8 p.m. and swiftly grabbed 17 iPhones, two computers and three iPads, according to Central Marin Police Authority Sgt. Grady Joseph.

A patrol officer happened to be in the area at the time the robbery call came in and responded immediately, but the suspects managed to slip out of the store's back exit, Joseph said.

The store was closed at the time of the heist, but the doors were still open because shoppers were wrapping up their purchases, Joseph said.

Police on Tuesday will comb through surveillance footage in hopes of finding any helpful information.

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