San Francisco

Thieves Target Tires, Leaving Vehicles Propped Up on Blocks

Thieves in San Francisco are now targeting car tires, leaving vehicles on blocks in the street after making off with all four wheels.

One victim, Noe Valley resident Zoe Frankel, said that her insurance company told her Honda Fits are a target nationwide because the tires are small and durable and can be used for street racing.

“My time is not free and this has been time consuming in the last couple days,” Frankel said.

A neighbor in the Twin Peaks area said thieves have stolen his truck’s wheels twice in the last two months, most recently on Thanksgiving.

Back in July, a couple in the Richmond neighborhood had their tires stolen, finding their Toyota propped up on milk crates when they went outside to move it for street sweeping. In the time it took to arrange a tow truck they received a parking ticket, though SFMTA said the ticket would be reversed.

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