Thousands Without Power in Sonoma County as Overnight Temps Plummet

Thousands in Sonoma County remained without power Wednesday morning after a chilly night during PG&E’s latest round of public safety power shutoffs.

PG&E opened a warming center at the Veteran’s Memorial Building for residents without power to keep warm, charge mobile devices, use restrooms and Wi-fi and have hot beverages. Although this outage is smaller than previous outages, about 6,000 people lost power.

It’s also a hardship for businesses like the Everest Indian Restaurant whose owner spent $1,600 on a generator and cooked in a dimly lit kitchen to accommodate a party planned months ago.

Other nearby businesses remained closed.

Once the red flag alert is lifted Wednesday morning PG&E said it will flood the area with crews, so they can start inspecting and re-energizing lines.

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