San Francisco

Tourist Captures Photo of Mystery Couple's Engagement at Pier 39 in San Francisco

The visitor from Rhode Island took to Reddit in hopes of tracking down the couple to gift them the snapshot

Do you recognize this couple?

A tourist from Rhode Island taking in the sights at San Francisco's Pier 39 on March 4 snapped a photo of an unidentified suitor drop to one knee under the glistening sun and propose to the love of their life next to the pier's "Open Heart" sculpture.

The tourist, who wished to remain anonymous, took to Reddit and posted the snapshot in hopes of figuring out a way to track down the newly engaged couple and gift them the image.

So far, the tourist hasn't had much luck in finding the couple, but others have taken to Reddit to both wish good luck in the search and offer tips that could lead to a breakthrough.

While it appears as though at least three people were already recording the special moment from another vantage point, folks on Reddit said that the couple might appreciate another snapshot of their engagement from a different angle.

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